Tonik Energy £50.00

Members receive £50 off discount on their purchase.

When you switch to renewable, clean energy, you get…

  • Up to £50 off your bill to say thanks when you’ve switched!
  • 100% renewable energy as standard
  • For every friend you refer to Tonik, we’ll give you and your friend(s) £25 each off your energy bills
  • Sit back. Relax. Feel good about the good you've done for the planet!

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About Tonik Energy

Not your typical power trip!!  We're Tonik Energy - an energy provider who is proud to offer a range of green energy tariffs and products to suit every household’s needs. All our tariffs include 100% renewable electricity as standard with the choice to include 10% green gas as well as options to offset the carbon of the remaining 90% gas from fossil fuels. Rest assured - your energy is sourced in a responsible and environmentally-conscious way.   We also invest in producing our own range of renewable products to help you reduce your carbon footprint even more. Keen to go green, and make our air a little bit cleaner? Get your quote and sign up today - It only takes 2 minutes!

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